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Paper Straw Making Machine

The company is located in Wenzhou, since 1998 we introduced the advanced technology from German, has more than 20 years of factory history. We specialize in producing all kinds of plastic zippers and related machines.We have dozens of new high-output plastic production lines, thousands of molds.

100m high speed Paper Straw Making Machine

Paper Straw Making Machine

1. Higher Speed,max 105m/min input, 80m/min out put. 4-12mm out diameter paper straws.
2. 8 cutting-knife system, new structure of cutting cylinder. Easier to adjust air cylinder up and down when making different diameter paper straws.
3. 5 sets servo motor for spiraling roller, cutting system moving left & right, supporting roller and cutting knifes.
4. Auto paper roll connecting function hanging bracket, auto splicer, 4 layers. Other brand paper straw making machine paper roll hanging bracket is only 3 layers.
5. Auto feeding function glue station.
6. Auto lubrication grease feeding system for cutting system.
7. Main electric parts choose famous brand, Schneider. Like main servo motor, servo motor driver, frequency?converter, touch screen.

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