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Paper Straw Product Line to Korea at Aug 17th

Date:2021-03-10 Views:2942

    Gaoda Machinery shipped one 40ft container with 4 sets machine and 6 ton materials to Korea customer.

    The shipped products are paper straw making machine, dryer for paper straw and 2 kinds of packing machine.

    For easier operation, Gaoda improve lift-conveyor for packing machine. Paper straws will be transported to machine's hopper more easily.

   The new lift-conveyor is a part of auto product line in the future. Auto product line could save labor, but now, the biggest problem is drying for paper straw.Short paper straw dryer could not dry straws enough, but big dryer machine cost much and occupy large land area.

    We will concentrate on imporve new dryer machine which have better drying efficency and disinfection at same time.

Please keep a watchful eye on Gaoda Machinery——Paper straw making machine manufacture.

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