Bendy Paper Straw Making Machine
1) Whole process automatically;
2) High production efficiency, one operator, 150-250 pcs/min;
3) Automatic counting for how many pcs of paper straws had finished;
4) Touch screen, human-machine interface, easy operate;
5) Automatic counting during production process and display on touch screen. 6)Automatic stop when there is a fault.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction:

GD-Bend300 paper straw bending(flexible) machine, it’s function is to make straight straws into flexible straws, which could be bendable.

The produce process is total automatic. Operator just need put straight paper straws into the hopper, then start the machine, and the flexible straws will come out and drop on conveyor belt automatically.

There is a wheel and a mold stick which are used to press indentations on paper straw body. Before pressing, there will a needle input the hole of paper straw to protect paper straws not be pressed excessively.

Finally, flexible paper straws will come out on the conveyor.

There a 2 kinds of press indentations. One machine, choose 1 kind from 2.

2. Features:

1) Whole process automatically;

2) High production efficiency, one operator, 150-250 pcs/min;

3) Automatic counting for how many pcs of paper straws had finished;

4) Touch screen, human-machine interface, easy operate;

5) Automatic counting during production process and display on touch screen.

6) Automatic stop when there is a fault.

3. Technical specification

Machine Speed0-250 pcs/min
Straw inner diameterStraw out diameterФ5.2mmФ 6 mm
Straw length150-240mm
Voltage380V/3 phase/ 50hz
Machine size(L*W*H)1900×1400×1600mm
Machine weight1000kg
Package dimension(L*W*H2000×1500×1900m
Weight with wooden box1150kg

4. Warranty

1) Warranty period: 12months, start from 30 days after the machine leave seller’s factory;

2) The seller should be responsible for providing the exchange of new spare parts (buyer pays the postage cost), if the spare part damage during the guarantee period, excluding the quick wear parts  (like mold, needles, rubber or plastic parts) or human factors.

3) The seller shall not be responsible for the damages caused by accidents, neglect, improper operation or other abnormal conditions due to uncontrollable circumstances during the guarantee period. However, the seller should provide paid repair.

4) Buyer need provide details picture and video for damage parts, and describe. Seller need response within 24 hours after get the message from buyer.

5. Payment terms

1) T/T, 30% for deposit, the 70% balance need pay before shipping to seller’s port. Seller provide testing video of machine and show nameplate information;

2) Free spare parts: Available with free spare parts lists.

3) Packages: Export wooden box.

4) Lead time: 30 days.

5) After sales service: Engineer can serve overseas with 100 USD/Day service charges. Flight tickets (round ticket), Visa application, accommodation & hotel cost paid by the buyer.


6. The brand of main parts

PLC controller and frequency converter1.5kwDelta (China Taiwan)
Touch screen7inchDelta (China Taiwan)
Motor1.5kwWannan inverter motor
AC contactor-USA Eaton
Circuit breaker-USA Eaton
Button switch-USA Eaton

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