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Max feeding width: 620mm, better use 600mm width paper roll;
Max feeding diameter: `1000mm
Max Rewinding diameter: 600mm
Easier to change whole slitting knife set.


Slitting Speed150m/min
Cutting precision±0.15mm
Guiding precision±0.15mm
Min Width of cutting10mm
Max Width of Web620mm
Max Cutting Diameter600mm
Max Feeding Diameter1000mm
Max Rewinding Diameter600mm
Machine Power5.5kw
Power Supply220V 50HZ

Control Pannel

Feeding Rectifying Shelf

1. Unwinding Shaft:φ74mm. Air Swelling shaft.1pcs(φ76mm paper tube)

2. Rewinding material can be adjusted arbitrarily.

3. Feeding spindle connection:Mechanical clutch completion

4. Feeding Tension adopt 5NM magnetic Power Brake(1pcs), The feeding shaft adopts the form of passive release of brake.

5.The scale degree of unwinding substrate can be adjusted in one direction

6.Unwinding Rectifying adpots synchronous motor with ball Screw.(Model:

90TDY4)。Ultrasonic U shape heel

7.  Max Slitting Width:600MM

8.  Max Dia of Unwinding:φ1000mm

9.  Auto loading

2. Traction

1.Two roller pressure driving cutting.main is steel roller, another one is rubber roller .

2.Press roller clutch mode is pneumatic.

3.The traction roller is driven by an electric motor, and the gear sprocket driving the cutter and rewinding shaft.

4.Main Motor:5.5KW

5.Frequecy Converter: 5.5KW

3.  Slitting


1. This machine with round cutter .

2. Adopts upper and lower round cutter to cutting.( with 43 sets)

3. The upper and lower cutters are fixed on the drive shaft, the two ends of the adjustment are adjusted, and the upper and lower cutters are adjusted.

Axial moving end face for screw block adjustment.

4. Rewinding


Ouble Shaft synchronous Rewinding.

Tile type of Air swelling shaft, φ76mm

The rewinding shaft is rotated by the main motor by driving the magnetic powder clutch

The upper and lower rewinding are controlled by the 25NM hole-type clutch

Rewinding tension can be adjusted arbitrarily

Max Dia of Rewinding:φ600mm

Running Part

1. The speed of the main motor is controlled by the frequency converter

2. The speed of the main motor can be adjusted arbitrarily

3. It has the function of meter counting and stop.

1. The above quotation is based on FOB NINGBO PORT, CHINA
2. Payment Terms: T/T 30% of the total amount as the deposit, pay the balance by T/T before shipment.
3. Delivery Time: within 25 working days after receiving the deposit.
4. Guarantee Time: One-year warranty and lifelong service.


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