High Speed Automatic Paper Straw Bevel Cutting Machine
1) Automatic and high speed, 600-1000 pcs /min;
2) Touch screen control;
3) 2 set of paper straw collector tank;
4) Stainless steel cover;
5) Speed controllable, with frequency changer and servo motor;
6) Straw counting function for record how many paper straws had finished;
7) Acrylic protecting cover for bevel cutting mechanism.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction:

1) Paper straw bevel cutting machine is used to make paper straws have a sharp end incision with required angle. This machine bevel cut paper straws at middle, cut one longer straw into two same length short straws, no waste. The short straws then distribute into 2 collectors by short belt conveyor.

2) Paper straws are taken by metal clip conveyor one by one, then be cut at middle by fixed high speed rotated knife. Fixed high speed cutting knife’s efficiency is much higher than reciprocating cutting knife, which driven by a air cylinder.

2. Machine Features:

1) Automatic and high speed, 600-1000 pcs /min;

2) Touch screen control;

3) 2 set of paper straw collector tank;

4) Stainless steel cover;

5) Speed controllable, with frequency changer and servo motor;

6) Straw counting function for record how many paper straws had finished;

7) Acrylic protecting cover for bevel cutting mechanism.

3. Technical parameters and specification

Electric power220V/ 1 phase/ 50Hz
Speed600-1000 pcs/min
Straw diameter6/8/10/12mm out diameter
Straw lengt90-260mm, ( feeding length 180-520mm)
Servo motorServo motor driverINVT, 0.75Kw, SV-ML08INVT, 0.75Kw, SV-DA200
Frequency converterDELTA, 1.5Kw
Main motoHengtong, 0.75Kw, 1.8A 
Touch screeKunluntongtai
Reduction gears boxHangzhou Tiany
Rotation sensorOMC
Distribution conveyor motorZhejiang Zhongyi, 220V, 0.78A
Stirring motoZhejiang Zhongyi, 220V, 0.26A
Cutting knife belV belt, YONG 560Li, 585Lw
Machine dimensio2500*1900*1800mm
Weight1500 Kg
Spare parts

Straw mold for 6/8/10/12mm, 4 pcs;

2 cutting-knife;

Tool box.

4. Warranty

1) Warranty period: 12months, start from 30 days after the machine leave seller’s factory;

2) The seller should be responsible for providing the exchange of new spare parts (buyer pays the postage cost), if the spare part damage during the guarantee period, excluding the quick wear parts  (like mold, needles, rubber or plastic parts) or human factors.

3) The seller shall not be responsible for the damages caused by accidents, neglect, improper operation or other abnormal conditions due to uncontrollable circumstances during the guarantee period. However, the seller should provide paid repair.

4) Buyer need provide details picture and video for damage parts, and describe. Seller need response within 24 hours after get the message from buyer.

5. Payment terms

1) T/T, 30% for deposit, the 70% balance need pay before shipping to seller’s port;

2) Free spare parts: Available with free spare parts lists.

3) Packages: Export wooden box.

4) Lead time: 30 days.

5) After sales service: Engineer can serve overseas with 100US$/Day service charges. Flight tickets (round ticket), Visa application, accommodation & hotel cost paid by the buyer. 

6. Details picture

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