Paper Tube for New Heated Tobacco Product
Date: 2020/08/31

There are various types of new products on market to replace traditional tobacco products. Heat non burn tobacco products heat up tobacco by using a battery-powered heating system. It’s one of the most famous one, together with Vape. But vape will have more and more regulations for using.

Better no smoking.

“Heated tobacco products” place completely new demands on the cigarette industry and its partners – from production through to sales. They are very sophisticated as they connect a tobacco stick with an electronic device. Tobacco, paper and filters are still required, but manufacturing the requisite cigarette sticks presents more complex challenges.

If you want know more information about heated tobacco, you could read the article on WIKIPEDIA. The website is:

Heated tobacco stick is shorter than traditional cigarette. Construction is nearly same. Both of them have tobacco and filter materials. But heated tobacco stick will be more complex. It need aluminum plug wrap at inner side, different kinds of filter for different purpose. Including tobacco plug, hollow acetate tube, polymer-film filter, mouth piece filter, outer paper and mouth end paper. Here is the picture of heated tobacco construction on market.  

Now, there is a kind of paper tube which could replace the out surface paper (mouth-end paper and outer paper).

Paper tube length 30-45mm, fill all material into the paper tube. This kind of short paper tube is more hardness than thin paper, good out looking.

Because of more thickness, no need aluminum film for thermal-protective. What’s more, the paper could be also coated aluminum film.

Gaoda Machinery developed one kind special model machine for making short tubes. The machine could produce 500-700 pcs short paper tubes per minute.

Please check our product picture.

This paper tube also could be used as cigarette filter rod when you fill filting materials.

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