Machines to first Serbia customer, loading at Sep. 10th
Date: 2020/09/28

As the influence of COVID-19, most foreigner customers could not visit China at 2020. Customers could not talk with us face to face, and could not check our factory. But some of them believe Gaoda Machinery, they still buy machines even they could not come here.

After nearly 5 monthes talking, first Serbiacustomer send deposit to us and start the first part of final order.

Firstly, our customer bought paper straw making machine, paper slitting machine and single straw packing machine to start this business and learn experience. We will send them install and operation videos later. 

According to our suggestions, customer bought some raw material paper as well, because it's hard to find correct paper at begining. Customer could use our paper at begining and test local paper after they know the production process well.








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    5 sets paper straw making machine to Germany on Oct 26th

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    14 knives paper straw machine to Korea on Oct 28th

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    Sep 27th, flexible and U shaper paper straw product lind machines

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    Paper Straw Product Line to Korea at Aug 17th

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    New 8 cutting knives paper straw machine to Chinese customer

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    Short Paper Tube Machine to Korea on July 30th