How to Making and Packing Paper Straws by Machines
Date: 2020/08/16
A final packed paper straw product is a cooperation work by different kinds machines.

From the picture above, you could see the working process clearly.

Now, I give you a detailed introduction.

1. Printing. 

Because of paper could be printed, so you could see colorful paper straws at market. There a different methods for printing on paper. Only out layer of paper straw need print.

1) Different color. Like white, original brown, black, green, red, yellow, blue and so on. Single-color and multi-color.

2) Different printing method. Full single- color and stripe single-color.

Full single- color and stripe single-color are most easy method for flexo printing machine to achieve.

Full color: All the out surface of paper straw is coated with one kind ink. 100%.

Strip color: Most common type at market now. One kind ink spiral around paper straw out surface.

3) Design method.

We could use flexo printing machine print multi-color and special image on paper by a printing pattern. Like print start, big point, animal image, words/logo on out layer paper straw.

2. Slitting.

After printing, we need slit and rewind big width raw paper roll into smaller width paper roll.

Paper straw need 3 layers and 2 kinds of paper. Most common paper is around 60 and 120gsm.

3 layers: Out surface layer, middle layer and inner layer; 60gsm, 120gsm, 120gsm.

The most common width for the above 3 layers is 15mm, 14mm and 13.5mm.

6-8mm out diameter paper straws, could adopt 15/14/13.5mm small width paper roll.

When making bigger diameter paper straws, it’s better increase the paper width. Big width paper for big diameter paper straws, will easier operation and good looking.

Normally, paper slitting machine( full name slitting and rewinding machine) have 2 pcs rewinding roller. So we could slit 120gsm paper into 13.5 and 14mm width at same time. But 60gsm paper, 15mm width, need another slitting knife assembly, or exchange spacer between knives to adjust slitting width.

3. Paper Straw Making Machine.

Gaoda Machinery update traditional 5 cutting knife paper straw making machine into 6, 7 and 8 knives. New models are more faster and working stable.

As the plastic ban implement at China market, paper straws are more and more popular.  According to Gaoda Machinery’s investigation, most drinking straw factories tend to choose paper straws and PLA straws as new material to replace plastic straws. PLA material price had increased nearly 50% recently because of market needs. But how to use PLA material to make different kinds of disposable, biodegradable products is still a technical problem need to research and development. Most PLA products are not 100% PLA, need add some PE or PP to improve material ability.

Paper straws are more easy to produce and easy control the technology.

According plastic ban at China, normal plastic drinking straws will be forbidden to use from 2021, and some cities will start from September at 2020. Small diameter flexible drink straws for tetra pak and UHT drinks packs are not among the first stage of plastic ban.

So most needed paper straws is bubble tea paper straws at market, 12*230mm (12mm out diameter and 230mm length).

Gaoda Machinery improve it’s paper straw making machine to 8 cutting knives, all servo motors, 4 layers paper roll connecting bracket, special for bubble tea paper straw production.

4. Secondary production.

1) Bendy paper straws. Operator need use paper straw bending machine to make straight paper straw into bendy paper straws by squeezing one part on straws.

There are two kinds of squeezing type.

Aardvark paper straw made the first bendy paper straw at market. The squeezing mark is like bamboo joint. Advantage is good looking. But could not bend big angle than 90°.

Another type is invented from plastic straw bending machine. The squeezing mark is like screws. Pressed rings are close. This type bendy paper straws could bend large angle. Disadvantages: if paper straws dried at air too long time, the bendy part will efficacy and easy broke.

But if you want make bendy paper straws for tetra pak and UHT drink packs, you need choose second type.

2) Bevel cutting( sharp end cutting) paper straws.

To make bevel cutting paper straws need paper straw bevel cutting machine.

Gaoda have 2 kinds of bevel cutting machine. High speed and low speed.

High speed model’s ability is 600-1200 pcs/min.

5. Paper straw packing.

1) Individual paper straw wrapping or single straw packing.

Previously single straw packing machine( individual straw wrapping machine) has many limitations, like the range of straw diameter and length. If diameter or length change much, the machine need change parts or could not work.

Now Gaoda Machinery cooperate his partner develop this machine.

2 servo motors, PLC and touch screen control, straw diameter 5-12mm, straw length 80-280mm, no need change any spare parts.

Single straw packing use pure paper, no need hot sealing plastic film. Paper thickness is small, 28-30gsm.

2) Bulk/group straw packing.

Different quantity paper straw packed at one bag.

The most common packing material is OPP, BOPP plastic film.

Many users think that it’s funny to use plastic bag for packing a paper straws. It’s ridiculous. But it’s material ability. Bulk packing could not use thinner pure paper, but thick paper could not be sealed by pressing.

If use paper material for bulk packing, the paper need coated with PE, BOPP plastic film. Like paper for paper cups.

6. U shape or I shape packing for Tetra pak and UHT drinks pack.

Many countries and company will try to change plastic straw at Tetra pak and UHT drinks pack into paper straws.

The inner diameter big than 3.8mm is better for sucking. For paper straws, out diameter will be 4.6mm.

Tetra pak also publish new packing method with  I shape paper straws.

Nestle Malaysia announced that it will be implementing 100% paper straws across its entire UHT range by the end 2020.

The U shape and I shape material is plastic film which is 20μ-30μ, but also could choose PE coated paper.

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